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Finding Your Fitness Time

In today's society we constantly say and hear "I don't have enough time" ! We all struggle with time..Trying to split our time between work and family commitments, whilst staying digitally connected can leave us feeling there are never enough hours in the day.

So needless to say finding time to exercise can be a real challenge, even when you do have an hour there is a tendency to feel guilty about how we fill it. You need to change this mind-set !

FACT: There is time, the challenge is finding time to fit your fitness in. Firstly, I'd suggest to try digitally detaching from time to time and minimise the mindless surfing. Secondly, work and family deserve to get the best from you, allow yourself time to exercise and refresh, you'll come back more vibrant, energised and with a zest for life.

Sometimes we can’t find the time because of other underlying factors, both conscious and subconscious. For example; you're not enjoying what you plan to do, work life is busy and your constantly doing extra hours, your energy levels or motivational levels are low.

So to get things moving read on ...

Getting Committed !

Ask yourself how you’re feeling about your chosen fitness regime? Are you looking forward to getting started, does it excite you or are you simply ticking a box ? It’s important to know your level of commitment. If you’re in a motivational deficit and procrastinating it's going to be a lot harder to get connected.

So if you have an element of self contentment going on but know you should or want to be moving your body more then you need to get a goal !

Get a Gooaaal !

I suggest look to the future not to far, is your birthday coming up or some other main event in the diary be it professional or social. If you’ve nothing planned then plan something, a photo shoot, a fitness challenge e.g. 5k run, lifting a heavier weight, a shopping trip, whatever gets you connected.

Now that you have commitment and the drive, finding the time will be a lot easier! Look at your days in the week and see what time you are most likely to get an opportunity to train.

Are you a Early Bird, Lunchtime Leopard or a Night Owl ..

Are you a morning or evening person, do you get time during the day for yourself?

Personally I’m a morning person, very few people want to interrupt you early o’clock and this has worked for me for well over a decade. It sets me up for the day. I’m fresh and full of energy to take the day on.

Some people prefer a lunchtime exercise, getting head space from the desk and a brief digital detox, which is a great way to de-stress, switch off and then come back with vigour for a productive afternoon.

If you’re an evening person you might build your fitness regime into the commute home, a cycle, run or gym stop on the way or simply home for a change and fuel stop and then on to your activity.

Curve Balls

Its not always easy, as there are challenges in the week, shift work, last minute deadlines at work, work travel, sick children, family emergencies. Some of these things are unavoidable, but don’t let it throw your routine or your week off track.

  • If your work week changes from week to week, plan your fitness routine as soon as you know your schedule so it's part of your plan.

  • If you travel for work, pick something that is transportable eg. Suspension training, bands, running or staying in hotels with gyms.

  • If you know you have a busy week where you’re going to get stuck late at the office late, try working out in the morning instead.

Plan Me Time Meetings

The main thing is to make the appointment with yourself and keep it. If you struggle with keeping the appointment with yourself then make an appointment with someone, get a personal trainer, sign up for a challenge, get a gym buddy, join a class.

It's important to get a routine going for yourself that you can stick to, the benefits of getting exercise into your week are endless, good health, better strength and stamina, clearer head space, less stress, more confidence and generally a happier life. Not only are there benefits for you but there are significant ripple effects to the other people and areas of your life.

Fitness Fun

Finally, the more you enjoy or feel rewarded from what you do the easier it will be to sustain it, so pick something you enjoy. If you’re not sure what's for you then maybe your goal is to try a few new things, a few of my personal favorites include strength training, paddle boarding, hiking, kettlebells, aerial yoga. Something that gets you motivated to move !!


1 hour Workout

is only

4% of your Day

GIVE IT 100%


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