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Pelvic Floor Problems? Enjoy your workouts again. We have the answer !

Working in the fitness industry I’m acutely aware how many women of all ages are affected by pelvic problems. Pelvic floor dysfunction is a common problem amongst women which can make working out uncomfortable and embarrassing. Problems with weak pelvic muscles can arise from injury, pregnancy or natural weakening of the muscles.

Engineer and entrepreneur Yvonne Brady CEO of EVB Sport has developed specialised sportswear designed to help women work out in comfort.

EVB sportswear is tried and tested. It is endorsed by Internationally renowned Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Maeve Whelan. Maeve not only endorses the use of EVB sportswear but also advises that its use can prevent the onset of problems in the future through its design.

The hi-tech sportswear supports the pelvic floor muscles and ensures a comfortable workout or training session. The support in the clothing ensures that you no longer need to avoid impact exercises such as running, rebounding or even the dreaded burpee.

Check out the blog post on EVB's website for more details about how you're training can become immediately more comfortable. You can purchase directly from the EVB website or from stockists nationwide. You can also avail of 10% discount when you use FITALITY in the coupon code.

Anyone looking for exercises to support strong pelvic muscle health please make contact via email to or via our webpage.

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