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Reach your Fit-Optimum

As a seasoned fitaholic here are a few of my best tips to help you reach your optimum and stay there !

  • Drop the Cardio. Not completely but make strength training a priority. Strength training will stress the muscles improving tone and strength when rebuilding the muscle. I can promise you the best results come from working out with weights, you won’t be disappointed !

  • StartFragmentBe a Mixologist. Mix it Up. Surprise your body. Your body gets use to doing the same thing over and over and will stop reacting. So, whatever you are doing try something different, such as; HIIT training, weights, flexibility, mobility try a class if you’re struggling with technique or pushing yourself.

  • Prep and plan. Put in the time. As creatures of habit we work best when we are in a routine. Choose a few days and times during the week that suit your schedule, aiming for about 3 workouts a week and keep the date with yourself. Once you’ve done this for a couple of weeks it will get easier to stick with it. Push yourself past the 21 day habit making zone and make it your norm.

  • StartFragmentFeel the Magic! After a few weeks you will be feeling stronger and more energetic, focus on the progress you’ve made since making your changes. Be conscious of your development.

- Strength awareness; think about the weights you began with and where you have progressed to, 2 kg's becomes 4 kg's, 8 reps becomes 12 reps. Think about your day to day activities, less leg burn as you take the stairs, carrying more shopping bags at once (ladies that does not mean clearing the shoe store with purchases!)

- Energy awareness; You’ll be feeling less lethargic have more stamina for your day, more of a bounce in your step and better able to run for the train or play with the kids.

- Self development; Remember the first time you lifted a new weight or used a new machine, now you are more confident in the exercise you are more sure of yourself and your technique is continuously improving.

Staying aware will reinforce the positivity of your hard work and its pay-offs, helping you to keep focused on staying committed and continually improving.

  • Enjoy the Evolution. Remember where you started and look at how much you’ve progressed, particularly when you're are struggling to appreciate the difference you're making. Take pride and enjoy being in control, being stronger and fitter. Some days you may find tough to get going but go do something. Once you get started you’ll feel the magic as the happy hormone floods through your body. The alternative; fight with yourself and waste the time procrastinating when you could be half way through your workout. Keeping a routine reinforces your healthy habits and strengthens your willpower, building a strong mind and body.

If you've struggled in the past to stay committed or if you've plateaued try these methods for a month and see the results !!

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