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The Happy Medium of Holidays and Fitness

Heading off on holidays is always a treasured treat ! However it's a time when people get caught out with their health and fitness, often resulting in a discouraging setback. I have spent hours and hard earned money looking for a solution to this conundrum.

So, is it possible to enjoy a carefree holiday full of easy days, a relaxed approach to diet and training and a few holiday treats without doing lots of damage ? Sounds like your Santa's wish list, right ?? Wrong ! In my experience it's about a little bit of discipline and knowledge along with some balance and consistency.

After returning from an amazing 2 weeks in the US, touring culinary delights all the way from San Francisco via Napa and Yosemite to Vegas, I was feeling a little bloated and less toned than before I went but that's to be expected. A week into my normal routine, working out and normal eating the bloated-ness is gone and my muscle tone responding very favourably and I'm feeling STRONG !

The approach I’ve taken this time I’ve tried over the last number of years when holidaying and it works !

So for any of you that struggle to stay on track or are unsure how to approach your holidays with balance have a read of the tips and tricks I use:

Get some exercise in. If you love exercise or just love the results of it this won't be too hard. The hardest part is finding the right time during the day not getting the workout done. If you don't have the luxury of a gym do a body-weight routine.

Prioritise body conditioning over cardio. Part of my holiday & relaxation time is to get in a few leisurely workouts. I focus on weight training to maintain muscle and burn the holiday calories. Remember this is your holiday to relax and de-stress, don’t be fooled into thinking its wrong to exercise on holidays. Exercise time is “Me Time” so take advantage of the free time.

Build in daytime activity. Take a walk to see the local sights and a get few holiday snaps along the way. Take advantage of fun activities to try such as a bike ride, hiking, diving anything that will use up some energy. Holidays are a great opportunity to try things you don't get to do at home.

Still choose healthy food options. When I'm on holidays I choose lean meat, fish and fresh vegetables, I minimise fats, sugars and starchy carbs. As a portion control mechanism I ask for dressings or sauces on the side. I LOVE fresh food especially vegetables and seafood so I use the opportunity to try some new dishes of the food I really love. Keeping to the healthy options with a few treats on the side will really help!

Feel empowered, you're building a strong body and mind. Feeling good comes from many sources, making choices especially when challenged that are in keeping with the person you want to be is something to be proud of. At times it can be hard thing to keep your will to steer away from less healthy options but the more you do it the better you get at it. With each decision you are building your mental strength.

Return to your routine. As soon as you return get back to your regular diet and exercise routine. It can be easy to stay in holiday mode but trust me it's more effective to have a line in the sand and get back on top of things straight away.

The Happy Medium works - Don't trash the hard work you put in throughout the year!

Hopefully you found this blog useful. We'd love to hear about your challenges and tips you use when on a trip. Our programs will provide you with the support you need to keep on track during any holiday or business trip.


Ali Fitality